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Packing Tips

How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Packing can be a challenge and a time consuming task during your moving process. However, here are some non-traditional but useful tips and tricks for packing that will help lessen…

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Tips for An Environmental Friendly Move

The average move uses 60 boxes, that is more than half a one-ton pine tree! Isaac’s Moving and Storage want to help keep the environment going strong by following some…

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How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Moving can be stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. When people are the moving process they find possessions that they did not even know they still owned. Clothes seem to be…

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Use Pillows for Padding When Packing

Need extra padding for your breakables? Remember that you can always use cushions, pillows, towels and bedding to pad out boxes. Alternatively put them in clear plastic bags (you don’t…

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4 Tips for Packing for a Move

1) Start planning for the move early. The more time you allow yourself to pack and mull over the various to-do lists the less likely it is that you’ll find…

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