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How to pack fragile items when moving

Moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about your fragile items getting damaged in the process. Here is our expert moving advice for successfully packing fragile items and getting them from point A to point B undamaged.

1) Don’t Rush

Be sure to plan your packing in advance so that you can really take your time ensuring that those delicate items are good to go. A rushed job can only lead to disaster, so why take the chance? If you have chosen not to enlist the help of professional packers (although it might be wise to consider this seeing as though they have the expertise and all of the right tools to get the job done right the first time), start packing your fragile favourites well ahead of moving day.

2) Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Things like glasses and plates will require different packing materials than things like picture frames. So before you start, do your research. Just to be on the safe side, you will want to get your hands on essentials like bubble wrap, plenty of newspaper, small boxes in varying sizes, scissors and tape.

Here is a short video to help you pack Artwork
Here is a short video to help you pack Dishware
Here is a short video to help you park Pictures

3) Don’t skimp on Packing Materials

Packing materials like boxes, packing paper and bubble pack are expensive, but when it comes to your fragile items, the extra few dollars can save you a lot more. Don’t skimp, add another layer and make sure your move is successful.

4) Don’t Overpack

Even if you have gone the extra mile to ensure cushioning for the items, avoid packing too many of them in one box. This alone can lead to damage, especially on the journey to your new home.

5) Label the Boxes as Fragile

If the movers are not aware of which boxes contain fragile items, all of your hard work could be in vain. Knowing this, do yourself a favour and be sure to label all of the boxes that need to be handled with care.

6) Fragile and Valuable – Don’t do it yourself!

Professional packers know how to do this, their reputation is built on your goods arriving unbroken. If you want to make sure nothing breaks, hire your mover to pack fragile items for you.

7) Crate Big and Valuable Items

Larger and valuable fragile items are often packed in custom designed wooden crates – professional movers will tell you what needs to be crated, measure the items, build and pack the crates and get rid of them once the item is unpacked in its new home. This is especially important for long distance or international moves that take longer and put more stress on your boxes.

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