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Though rare, it is possible an item could get damaged during the move. Isaac’s offers different options for local/long distance and international to insure your belongings.

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Isaacs Moving provide basic insurance coverage for loss or damage to your goods outlined below. We advise that you consult with your home insurance broker as some home policies may cover moves and others may not. Your broker may also have a coverage plan to offer you for comparison.

1. Released value coverage (default insurance option)

This level of protection is provided by law at no additional cost, however, it only provides minimal protection. Under this option, Isaac’s liability is limited to no more than 60 cents per pound per article for loss and/or damage. This means that claims are settled based on the weight of the individual article(s) multiplied by 60 cents. Example: if a 10-pound stereo component valued at $1,000 was lost or destroyed, Isaac’s would be liable for no more than $6.00 (10 pounds multiplied by 60).

2. Full replacement value protection (recommended option)

This is the most comprehensive plan available for protection of your goods. When you select this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will, at Isaac’s option, be either repaired, replaced with articles of like kind and quality, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for replacement of the articles at their current market value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged articles.

Under this option, you have two choices for establishing Isaac’s maximum liability on your shipment:

  • You can declare a value based on the weight of your shipment times an amount of not less than $6.00 per pound,
  • You can declare a higher lump sum amount.

The value you declare on your shipment must be at least equal to the weight of your shipment multiplied by $6.00 per pound, subject to a minimum declaration of $6,000. For example, if your shipment weighs 5,000 pounds, the minimum value that you must declare is $30,000 (5,000 pounds multiplied by $6.00 per pound). You can also choose a higher lump sum amount based on your estimate of what it would cost to replace all of your shipment (for example, $50,000).

3. Extraordinary (unusual) value article declaration

Under both of these liability options, Isaac’s is also permitted to limit its liability for loss and/or damage to articles that have an extraordinary value unless you specifically list these articles on the “Inventory of Items Valued in Excess of $100 per Pound per Article” form.

An item of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound. Upon your request, Isaac’s will provide a complete explanation of this limitation of liability before your move. It is your responsibility to study these provisions carefully. The declaration of extraordinary value must be received in our office 7 days prior to your move date.

4. International move insurance

Since International moves take much longer, move between different parties and travel on different vehicles, we highly recommend comprehensive insurance of your items.

Option 1: All Risk Replacement Cost – This option covers your belongings from door-to-door. If your household goods are damaged, then the insurers will pay for repairs; unless it is not repairable, in which case replacement value will be paid (not exceeding insured values). If there is damage to your insured vehicle, then insurers will pay for repairs or actual cash value (not exceeding insured values).

Option 2: Total Loss Insurance: This option is more limited, and can only be purchased for door-to-door or door-to-port shipments. Insurers will only pay when damage is attributed to natural disaster or something that is out of our control (examples:  fire, lightning, cyclones, hurricanes or tornadoes, crash, collision or overturn of the transporting conveyance and stranding or sinking of the vessel – request the insurance terms for a complete list of insured perils)

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