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What to Expect On Moving Day

If Isaac’s Moving and Storage is Packing:

  1. A team of trained packers will arrive the day before loading day or on the designated day you arranged.
  2. They will methodically work through your house and pack everything into appropriate boxes with professional packing materials to avoid damage.
  3. Each box will be marked with the room and contents.
  4. Boxes will be prepared for easy removal by the movers on moving day.

On Moving Day

  1. The Isaac’s Moving and Storage team will arrive on time and park the truck in the best place and prepare for the move.
  2. The driver is the point man and will introduce himself and the team.
  3. You, or someone designated by you to act on your behalf must be present through the loading process,
  4. Prior to loading, the team of movers will prepare the site, protecting your home and contents with floor runners and padding.
  5. Any items that can get scratched or cause damage will be wrapped in padding or stretch wrap.
  6. The team will load all items that are moving into the truck. The order will be based on fitting the most into the truck efficiently and so that items are packed securely.
  7. The driver, along with you, will prepare a detailed inventory report of all items being moved, noting any special circumstances or considerations. Both of you will sign this document to acknowledge items loaded
  8. You will be asked to sign a bill of lading that confirms services performed, pickup and delivery schedules, and valuation. Be sure to read over the information of all completed documents before signing.
  9. Once everything is loaded, take one final walkthrough with the driver to make sure nothing was overlooked.
  10. The team will secure the items in the truck with straps and padding and begin the trip to your new home.
  11. On the receiving end, the process is the same but reversed.

You need to be there.
Each item will be unloaded and placed in the correct room.
The driver will check off everything delivered.
You check everything arrived and sign the delivery note.

The Isaac’s team will remove all the packing materials and refuse before they leave.

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