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If your New Year’s resolution was to be good to the environment, Isaac’s Moving and Storage will do our bit to help. 

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Documented Corporate Sustainability programme

Isaac’s Relocation fully accepts its responsibility to minimize the impact that its activities may have on the quality of the environment.  Management and staff have undertaken to adopt and comply with an Environmental Policy appropriate for our activities.

The Company has implemented a program which aims to improve environmental quality by reducing the impact of day-to-day operations.

It is the policy of the Company to:

  • re-use / re-cycle packing materials whenever possible – including wooden liftvans and paper-based product
  • source materials from a sustainable origin
  • use discarded office paper as ‘scrap’
  • use e-mail for all correspondence (when possible)
  • develop a system whereby most documents are computer generated
  • collect all printer toner cartridges and batteries for re-cycle
  • regularly service and maintain all vehicles to manufacturer’s specification
  • schedule and co-load shipments whenever possible 
  • actively promote our environmental culture to our customers and suppliers

Environmental Policy - Procedure to Manage Energy


  • Automated lights (infra – red switches) – installed in the warehouse
  • Heating: Temperature control installed in the warehouse and office to comfortable working environment and not more than 73 F.
  • Air conditioning: will switched off when office is not in use

 Fuel / Gas:

  • Regularly service and maintain all vehicles to manufacturer’s specification 
  • Schedule and co-load shipments whenever possible 
  • Trucks fitted with a GPS to avoid unnecessary re-routing.
  • Thermometers for heating installed in the office
  • When possible remote connection and conference calls are practiced to reduce travel


  • Switch off heating and cooling air conditioners after hours 
  • We will investigate the possibility of the installation meters to monitor use and cost


  • Staff is encouraged to make use of electronic communications in the form of email and scanning
  • All forms are available electronically. 

Ink and Toner Cartridges: 

  • Cartridges are collected with empty and are sent to a recycling center to ensure they are process in an environmentally friendly manner. 
  • Staff is encouraged to print as infrequently as possible and only when absolutely necessary. 

Environmental Policy – Communication to Staff

  • All new employees will go Environmental Policy awareness training though the employee manual 
  • Recycling labels are posted on all designated recycling containers
  • Administrative employees go computer training to issue all forms from our computerized system. 


Recycling/Reducing Packaging Waste:

  • Analyze sales patterns to avoid over ordering any materials
  • Separate packaging waste to help with recycling
  • Use plastic crates or totes – where you can – instead of single-use cardboard
  • Use crates – where you can – instead of shrink wrap
  • Sort west materials for recycling at the warehouse recycling station

Recycling/Reducing Office Waste:

  • Print double-sided 
  • Throw away papers in bins allocated for recycling
  • Make computer files, not paper files when possible
  • Purchase recycled toner and recycle your empty ones
  • Place all empty cans and plastic bottles in designated trashcans

Recycling/Reducing Capital Equipment:

  • If  motor or other heavy equipment is not reusable check the following: 
  • Donate to any available facilities accepting donations. 
  • Effectively and efficiently disposes of surplus motor vehicles, and heavy equipment to achieve maximum feasible return from disposal. Recommended special facilities for metal recycling / motor recycling facilities
  • Obtains the most effective and efficient use of motor vehicles. 
  • Assures the efficient and safe use of motor vehicles and that they are used only for business
  • Dispose of in dumpster in the warehouse – ask for assistance if necessary 
  • Disposal company will collect and do all recycling outside of Isaac’s

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