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Downtown Philadelphia skyline

Philadelphia Moving Guide: Is it the Right Place for You?

In Philadelphia, you get to enjoy a mix of old and new, from historic landmarks to a metropolitan, modern atmosphere. Situated between other major cities like New York and Washington D.C, this northeastern city is both conveniently located and affordable compared to its neighbors. In this guide, we break down…

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Providence skyline at night

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Providence

Located right by the water and between major metropolitan areas like Boston, New Haven, and New York City, this New England city has plenty to offer for all lifestyles. When you move to Providence, you’ll notice that even though you’re in a city, it still has a charming small-town feel.…

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Downtown Providence viewed from the river

Everything You Need To Know Before Moving From NYC to Providence

While only less than 200 miles away, moving from NYC to Providence can be a big adjustment. Going from a massive, densely populated city to a more calm, quaint New England town is quite the switch – but Providence’s convenient location, family-friendly neighborhoods, and affordable properties (compared to NYC) are…

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A view of the Providence skyline by the water.

Moving from Boston to Providence

Located only an hour from Boston, Providence has been a desirable choice for Bostonians looking for a lower cost of living without losing that New England charm. In recent years, Providence has seen more inbound migration, whether for personal reasons or for employment. In addition to its close proximity to…

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A view of Downtown Houston, Texas

Can You Move to Houston with No Job?

It’s no secret that moving can be an expensive process, regardless of if you’re relocating a couple of miles away or to the other side of the country. If you’ve been thinking about making Houston your new home, one thing that’s likely crossed your mind is where you’ll work. So,…

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The Nicest Neighborhoods in Providence

If you’re considering moving to the charming city of Providence, Rhode Island, you’ve likely browsed apartments and houses available on the market. As you look at the listings and move around the map, you may wonder whether the neighborhood that you found that affordable apartment in is any good, or…

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Where Should I NOT Live in Boston?

When you think of moving to Boston, you probably imagine yourself around prestigious educational institutions, European-like architecture, and a wealth of culture, science, and innovation (along with delicious cuisines). If you’ve never wandered outside of the tourist-filled areas, it can be hard to believe that anyone would see Boston as…

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A view of Downtown Providence, Rhode Island during the evening

Getting Around in Providence: Do You Need a Car?

Situated in the 1,214-square-mile state of Rhode Island, Providence is a densely populated city that’s full of history, culture, beautiful scenery, and things to do. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, you’ll find cobblestone streets and architecture with a European look. If you’re new to the…

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A view of downtown Philadelphia from a park in the evening

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Philadelphia?

Regardless of what city you relocate to, if you’re making any kind of long-distance (or even short-distance) move, your wallet will certainly feel it. However, some cities are harder on your pocketbooks than others. So, where exactly does Philadelphia fall when it comes to the cost of living? While Philadelphia’s…

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A city view of Downtown Houston at night

Houston vs. Dallas: Which is Better to Call Home?

Houston and Dallas are both largely populated cities in Texas that are quickly growing as more people flock to the Lone Star State. If you’ve had these two cities on your radar and aren’t sure how they compare, we’ll break down which of these cities may be better for you…

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