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To make your move successful we recommend using professional grade packing materials and boxes. Isaac’s Moving and Storage will deliver material to you before the move so you can get your home ready for moving.

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Small Box

16.5”x12.5”x12.5” Small boxes containing 1.5 cubic feet are ideal to pack heavy items such as books, DVDs, CDs, computer software and small kitchen appliances. Small boxes are also known as book boxes.

Medium Box

Medium boxes containing 3.0 cubic feet are used to pack clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, large lightweight items such as blankets and pillows can be packed in medium boxes. Medium boxes are known as linen boxes.

Large Box

Large boxes containing 4.5 cubic feet are used to pack garden tools, toys, outdoor patio cushions and comforters. This versatile box may be used to pack large bulky items.

Dish Box

Dish boxes are used to pack china, glassware and assorted breakables. They can also be used to pack lamps, small statues and vases. Dish boxes are also known as china boxes.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes have been designed with a metal bar used for hanging clothes. You can fit approximately a foot and a half of closet space into each box. Miscellaneous items such as shoes and boots can be placed in the open space in the bottom of the box. This box can also be used to hang unique items such as curtains and draperies.

Lamp Box

Lamp boxes are used to pack halogen lamps, table lamps, or any tall ornament or furniture that cannot be disassembled.

Picture Box

Picture boxes are used to pack pictures, mirrors, diplomas and miscellaneous flat glass pieces. The number of items that are able to fit into each box depends on the dimensions of each item.

Archive Boxes

Banker boxes
Banker boxes are used to pack letter and/or legal size files from your home or office. In one direction, you can pack letter size files and in the other direction you can pack legal size files

Legal Boxes
Legal boxes are used to pack legal size files from your home or office.

Letter Boxes
Letter boxes are used to pack letter size files from your home or office.

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