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A view of the Providence skyline by the water.

Moving from Boston to Providence

Located only an hour from Boston, Providence has been a desirable choice for Bostonians looking for a lower cost of living without losing that New England charm. In recent years,…

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A view of Downtown Houston, Texas

Can You Move to Houston with No Job?

It’s no secret that moving can be an expensive process, regardless of if you’re relocating a couple of miles away or to the other side of the country. If you’ve…

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The Nicest Neighborhoods in Providence

If you’re considering moving to the charming city of Providence, Rhode Island, you’ve likely browsed apartments and houses available on the market. As you look at the listings and move…

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Where Should I NOT Live in Boston?

When you think of moving to Boston, you probably imagine yourself around prestigious educational institutions, European-like architecture, and a wealth of culture, science, and innovation (along with delicious cuisines). If…

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