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Tips for An Environmental Friendly Move

The average move uses 60 boxes, that is more than half a one-ton pine tree! Isaac’s Moving and Storage want to help keep the environment going strong by following some of these green moving tips!

Moving can be stressful and a daunting task but it also allows you to do a major clean of your possessions. Having less to move will be easier but you can also find the valuable things that mean the most to you. Sometimes it is best to think, less is more!

1) Organize, Reuse and Resell

While getting ready to pack, start organizing what you know won’t be making the move to your new home. Just like cleaning out your closet, if you have not used it the past year, it has got to go! If it is in decent, slightly used condition, donating items is a great way to help the environment and others.

A great way to get rid of old items and not putting them in a landfill is donating them, or selling them! For things that are too old to be re-used, there is a way to recycle most items or properly dispose of them, be sure you’re recycling everything you can. Even electronics can be recycled.

2) Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

Between boxes, paper, and tape, packing is why moving has become an environmentalist’s nightmare.  Staying away from the non-biodegradable packing materials like styrofoam and plastic can make a huge difference! Use paper, packing peanuts made from cornstarch, or other possessions like blankets to protect your move instead.

Try to save boxes for a future move, ask friends or use current things in your home like suitcases, plastic containers and bins as your moving boxes.  You can also sometimes get free used boxes from grocery stores and other retailers. Don’t forget to ask Isaac’s if they sell used boxes as well.

Many businesses offer plastic crates that you rent, including Rent a Green Box, WeGoBox, ZippGo, and Better Than Boxes.


So you’re moved in, settled and need to get rid of the boxes you’ve used. Be sure to recycle all your boxes and packing materials. You can find the recycling center in your new neighborhood by visiting

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