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How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Packing can be a challenge and a time consuming task during your moving process. However, here are some non-traditional but useful tips and tricks for packing that will help lessen your stress when moving!

1) Roll Your Clothes

When packing your clothes, if you roll them instead of fold them, you can save space allowing you to pack more and save on boxes and other packing materials. Also use larger boxes for your lighter clothes and smaller boxes for your heavier clothing items.

2) Pack Essentials in One Box

To keep you organized, have all the things you need immediately after moving to your new location in one box. You can also pack clothes that are close to being thrown away and use them until your other boxes arrive to your new place since they can just be tossed out once worn. This saves you some space at your new location and no arranging needed!

3) Photograph Your Boxes

One photo for each packed box will make it easier to remember than creating lists with boxes. That way when your movers drop off your things, you can tell immediately what’s missing and keep track of all your items easily. Take pictures of your travel bags as well.

4) Use Socks as Packing Material 

You can use socks to pack more socks or other small clothing items to take less space inside your luggage or boxes.

5) Prioritize and Improvise

Prioritize the things you pack. Bottom items should be jackets, sweaters, or clothes you won’t need right away while the top items should be toiletries, underwear, towels, and all things you might need immediately after your moving process. This will help save you time unpacking and keep your personal items organized. If there are empty spaces in your boxes, like when you’re packing dishes for example, you can pack your clothes to protect the dishes and put clothes around the item allowing you to pack both things at the same time.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when packing but with these easy tips and tricks, packing can be hassle-free! If you are in need of reliable movers for your upcoming move, contact Isaac Moving & Storage on our contact form to get a free moving quote!

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