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How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Moving can be stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. When people are the moving process they find possessions that they did not even know they still owned. Clothes seem to be the one thing that people have too much off and packing them is even worse! Isaac’s Moving has come up with some great tips to make the packing and moving of clothes less stressful.

1. Get rid of what you don’t need!

Styles change and so do you. Donate the clothes that can be and throw out the ones that are ruined.

2. Pack a bag

Put aside a separate bag for the clothes that you will immediately need during a move. No one wants to dig through boxes and bags when they are ready to crawl into bed after a long day of moving. By packing an overnight bag you know you will have you what you need at hand.

3. Pack for the Season

If you are moving in winter, pack and label the summer clothes first, as you will not need those items right away. However consider the climate you are moving to. If you are moving from Boston to Houston in January, you will want to keep those summer clothes handy and unpack them first.

4. Protect your Delicates

Use a separate suitcase for your delicate clothes to keep them secure and protected during the move. Try and avoid using black garbage bags as they can potentially get damaged.

5. Keep your hanging clothes hanging

Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes with a metal ideally to hang dresses, suits, and delicate items.  We sell plenty of packing supplies!

6. Pack the shoes separately.

Keep your clothes clean and  pack them separately from your clothes. Another shoe tip: stuff the shoes with newspaper so they keep there form during the move.

If you are looking for more storage and packing tip for your china, pictures, glass pieces, books, electronics etc you can see more storage tips here.


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