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Protect your High-End Valuables During a Move

At Isaac’s Moving and Storage we hold our professional memberships high and want our customers know that we work hard to achieve the status we are at. When relocating to or from Boston, Philadelphia, or Houston accidents can happen. We want to make sure that all parties involved are prepared and make sure you have proper coverage in case of potential loss or damage.

We have laid out a few points to consider when moving valuable goods.

  • Notify your move coordinator of any pieces of “extraordinary value”
  • List any valuable items on a high value inventory form. This will help the crew properly prepare with the right materials for the job. This also has you completely covered if something does go wrong.

If your high value items are not listed on this inventory form, you run the risk of receiving a lesser value for this item if damage or loss were to occur.

Be sure you pack all your high value and fragile items carefully. Consider hiring Isaac’s Moving to professionals pack any items that are high value.

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