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4 Tips for Packing for a Move

1) Start planning for the move early.

The more time you allow yourself to pack and mull over the various to-do lists the less likely it is that you’ll find yourself pulling an all-nighter or forgetting to tell family that you’ve moved. Designing an 8 week moving plan can help you stay organized and keep on task.

2) Prioritize packing items

Whatever the season, spring clean. Sort through all your belongings and paperwork and decide what to keep. Get the kids involved too by having them sort out the toys they no longer play with and the clothes that don’t fit. You can sell belongings at a yard sale or online marketplace, donate the gently used toys to charity and as well as give any unused belongings to family and friends.

3) Approach packing in an organized way

Pack room by room. Start in a spare bedroom or study and pack all its contents away first. When the room is ready, use it to store packed boxes so they are out of the way and any disorder is very much contained. Keep the contents of each room together and clearly label or color coordinate the boxes so they are easily identifiable at the other end. Write a list of contents on the top and side of each box. The more detailed the description, the easier it will be to find the important things later.

There is a box for everything, and everything should be in its box. Order the proper supplies and use a liberal amount of packing paper at every opportunity. Your possessions will be safer and easier to store and handle if they are in sturdy, well-padded boxes. Isaac’s is able to provide you with small, medium and large boxes; dish or china boxes; wardrobe boxes; lamp boxes; boxes for legal and letter size files; and picture boxes.

4) Have an un-packing plan as well for after the move.

If you are packing or taking advantage of Isaac’s packing service, you need to keep aside a box of essentials which will keep you going in your last days in the old house through to the first ones in the new house. Everyone will need their own travel bag containing changes of clothes, towels, toiletries, prescription drugs, and a few other personal items.

You will also want to put together a supply box with things you will want to hand when you get to the new house: bed linen, toilet roll, band-aids, a set of flatware for each of you, a few plates and cups, and an all-purpose cooking pot. If you rely on caffeinated beverages you might want to pack the coffeemaker in here at the last minute. You may also need to take a tool kit with you so you can reassemble furniture without having to look through a dozen boxes first. If possible, you will want to take this box with you, or make sure it is one of the first boxes unpacked at the other end.

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