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Moving Tips for Military Families

Moving is a very high cause of stress. Moving a family is even a higher cause of stress. Unfortunately, military families move very often. So often in fact, that there is a term for it: PCS (Permanent Change of Station). This can happen as often as once every three years. When moving so often, whether it is locally or abroad, you want an international moving company that you can trust. Isaac’s Moving and Storage does it all. Moving services, packing services, and storage services can be found under one roof with Isaac’s Moving and Storage. To assist you in every way possible, we have compiled this list of international relocation advice, tailored specifically to military families:

  1. Don’t Jump the Gun

Everyone does it. You hear the word ‘orders’ and your brain jumps into hyperdrive. You start planning and packing and making all sorts of arrangements. This isn’t necessary, as most of the moving process gets accomplished a few months prior to the actual move. Wait for the orders to arrive and establish a timeline. This will keep stress to a minimum.

  1. Keep Track of How Many Things You Need
    Living in one place for an extended period of time inevitably results in a buildup of stuff. You will find that between moves you start to stockpile items. If you find yourself moving often, it is a good idea to keep track of what is essential and what is not. Pack the essentials and give away or sell the non-essentials. You do not need to move dead weight.
  2. Ziplock Everything
    The worst feeling after a day of unpacking is sorting everything into the correct drawers and sections. Use Ziplock bags to keep all the like items together, such as spoons, forks, underwear, toothbrushes. It is so much easier to open a ziplock and put all the contents in the right place as opposed to sifting through everything like a prospecting gold digger.
  3. Don’t Put Your First Day’s Box On The Truck
    When you move, you should have a box that contains all the essentials you need for your first day. It is essential that this does not go on the truck, as you will not have control over which boxes get removed first. Ensure all your toiletries, sheets, towels, and a change of clothes are in this first-day box.

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