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Local Movers in Allston, MA

Located in the Greater Boston area, Isaac’s Moving is a local moving company serving all around the Allston neighborhood. With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, our solutions and services will be an efficient and painless experience for you.

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Our  local independent Boston-based moving company services a wide variety of other neighborhoods in and around the Boston area.  Isaac’s offers comprehensive services including Local and Domestic MovingStorage Services Corporate Relocation and Boston Packing and Moving Supplies.

What it’s Like Living in Allston, MA

Named after the American painter and poet Washington Allston, this neighborhood is often collectively referenced with the adjacent neighborhood Brighton as “Allston-Brighton”.

Is it expensive?

Compared to other areas around Boston, Allston is, for the most part, less expensive with a median rental price of $2,300 and the average for Boston being $2,500. Although both medians are well above the average rental price in the U.S. as a whole, Allston still provides a secure and comfortable home to all families and students living there.

Colleges and universities

The neighborhood of Allston falls near three major universities. A significant part of Harvard University’s campus are actually in north Allston. The university has plans to expand more academic campus’ to more areas in North Allston.

Boston University has numerous facilities stretching from Kenmore Square to Packards Corner and additional expansion is expected to take place in the Allston community. Near Commonwealth Avenue, on Fordham Road, is the Berklee College of Music rehearsal building as well.

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