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What Items Should And Should Not Be Kept In Storage?

Sometimes you need to store something away. Maybe you want to put items away for safekeeping, or you downsized your home and no longer know what to do with the surplus of belongings. The reasons for needing storage are endless.

One of the major uses for storage services occurs during the middle of a move. A good moving company will likely have several storage services for items that can’t immediately be moved. Isaac’s Moving and Storage is among these companies. As experts in the field, we have compiled this short list of moving tips, specifying what can and can’t be stored.

  1. Perishables
    Food items, animal products or any other item that is considered perishable should not go into storage. Meat, groceries, and dairy products quickly rot and attract pests. The following applies as a rule of thumb: if it is stored in a cardboard box, it can’t go into storage.

Tinned foods and preserves are allowed to be stored.

  1. Dangerous Materials
    If whatever you intend on storing is hazardous in any way (combustible, toxic, radioactive), it cannot go into a storage container. Motor oil, petrol, kerosene, and fireworks are among the items that you cannot store. Asbestos is also not allowed in a storage container. All of these items are considered dangerous and may pose a threat not only to the property but also to human life.
  2. Weapons
    This once again falls into the hazardous items category. Guns, ammunition, and other weapons such as bows, arrows, knives, and swords; cannot be stored. A misfire may occur which could cause property damage or worse someone could break into your storage unit and arm themselves.
  3. Pets
    Storing pets is unethical and cruel. Animals and plants, whether dead or alive, are not allowed in storage units. Storage units are dark, get hot and are not suitable places for any living thing.

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