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Everything You Need To Know Before Moving From NYC to Providence

While only less than 200 miles away, moving from NYC to Providence can be a big adjustment. Going from a massive, densely populated city to a more calm, quaint New England town is quite the switch – but Providence’s convenient location, family-friendly neighborhoods, and affordable properties (compared to NYC) are only just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with the move.

Don’t let its small geographical size fool you, there’s plenty to do in Providence for all ages. But, any move requires a decent amount of research and planning. With that said, the tips below can help you know what to expect before your Providence move.

Housing is More Affordable in Providence

New York City is famously known for its high cost of living, so most cities will be cheaper in comparison. Providence is no exception. On its own, Providence’s cost of living is actually 17% higher than the national average. But, when you compare it to nearby cities like Boston and NYC, you’ll definitely be getting more for your buck.

The medium sale price of a home in Providence is $375K, while in New York City, the typical home value is about $779K. Due to NYC’s high-density housing, you’ll typically find yourself in homes or apartments that are more compact. However, in Providence, you can expect housing options with more square footage – for a better deal!

Now, there are definitely neighborhoods in Providence that come with higher price tags, but the benefit of living in this city is that you’ll tend to find many clean, safe neighborhoods all around (and near great schools).

Expect Things to Close Earlier Than NYC

In New York City you are likely used to the on-demand schedule of shops and restaurants. If you’re hungry at 2 AM, you can still find a spot to eat at or order from. However, in Providence, there are fewer options. While the streets of Manhattan have plenty of foot traffic even late at night, you’ll find that Downtown Providence tends to get quieter outside of business hours.

Downtown Providence viewed from the river


Having a Car is Easier in Rhode Island

Suppose you felt frustrated trying to get around by car in New York City due to the traffic, expensive car insurance, and other factors like street cleaning and parking. In that case, you won’t run into many of those issues in Providence, as the city is both car-friendly and has decent public transportation.

You’ll find that many homes have designated parking spots, and you can easily find street parking and parking garages around the city.

Suitable for Families & Young Professionals

Known for its high-quality educational institutions, parks, and food scene, Providence has plenty to offer to those who are young professionals or families who want to settle into a nice neighborhood.

For college students and young professionals, you’ll find bars, hip cafes, and a variety of outdoor and cultural activities that will keep you entertained. Parents enjoy a variety of schools and calm neighborhoods that are walkable and bike-friendly. Plus, on the weekends you have Boston and NYC only a couple of hours away – perfect for a quick getaway. In New York City, space is limited, and finding a house with a backyard and driveway isn’t so simple.

Getting Ready for Your Move

Once you’ve done your research on Providence and what to expect, the next step is to begin planning your move. For a long-distance move, it’s recommended that you start planning at least three months in advance (but if you can start planning even earlier that is better). Finding an apartment or home in Providence can take time, but one perk about moving to Providence is landlords can only ask for the first month’s rent and the security deposit when you move in – not the last month’s rent.

Along with packing, make sure to arrange for your utilities to be set up (as you’ll have to make new accounts), and schedule for future mail to be forwarded to your new address. Doing this in advance helps ensure that you don’t have any delays in service when you move in. Certain utilities can take time to set up in a new state, so waiting until you’re in Rhode Island can add unnecessary frustration to the process.

Hiring a moving company is also a detail that you don’t want to rush. High-quality moving companies tend to be in demand and dates get reserved far in advance. You want to allow enough time to research, read reviews, and check out websites before booking an appointment.

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One thing we can promise you is this: We’ll handle your move as if it were our own! — if you have a move coming up, leave your information below and an Isaac’s Moving & Storage Move Consultant will be in touch with you shortly!