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The Top Tips for Moving With Pets

Your pets are part of the family too! Isaac’s Moving and Storage is a home moving company that has helped many families move both locally and across borders with their pets. Here are some of the top tips that we have picked up over the years for moving with your pets:

  • Look up all the pet travel regulations applicable in your new location before moving with your pet, especially if you are moving internationally.
  • If you will be using a carrier to transport your pet, get the pet adjusted to it by leaving it out in the open in your home several weeks in advance. Fill the carrier with familiar stimuli like your pet’s favorite toys and treats to create positive associations for your furry friend with the pet carrier.
  • Keep your pet’s schedule as normal as possible in the days leading up to and the day of the move. While you are moving boxes, keep your pet in a different area and surround them with comforting items and familiar treats.
  • Secure your pet appropriately in a temperature controlled environment with a lot of ventilation and water.
  • Take food and bathroom breaks as often as needed during the move.
  • When traveling by car, consider how your pet will be transported as well. Dogs can be harnessed in the backseat, but all other animals should be harnessed in a crate.
  • Never leave your pet inside the car unattended. Take your pet inside when stopping at a hotel for the night. Make sure to call the hotel before the move to make sure it is a pet friendly hotel.
  • When traveling by aircraft, check with the airline to learn more about their pet travel regulations. Buy an airline approved carrier and get your pet comfortable with the carrier before your moving day.
  • Get your pet approved for travel by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will also be able to guide you as to how you can go about ensuring your pets are comfortable during the trip.
  • Small animals can usually be moved directly in their cage or tank. Remove any items in the cage that could injure your pet. Drape the cage with a towel or blanket while still allowing for airflow to reduce stress. Make sure the cage is firmly secured in your car before you hit the road.

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