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How to Move with a Toddler – 6 Tips for Moving with a Toddler

Moving is can be stressful for adults, much less children. Moving homes can be confusing and cause small children stress and anxiety. Luckily, moving with a toddler doesn’t require superpowers – just some strategic planning and a bit of extra patience. Here are our top moving tips to keep in mind. Read on to learn how to move with a toddler.

1. Plan Easy Snacks and Meals for Your Toddler Well in Advance

As all parents know, when it comes to toddlers, hunger can strike at any time. When all of your kitchen essentials have been packed away in boxes, organizing a healthy, filling snack or meal is nearly impossible. As a result, do your best to have some ready-made snacks and meals on hand, such as cereal and dried fruit. A juice box here and there also definitely wouldn’t go amiss!

2. Take a Breather

Moving house causes a massive disruption in your toddler’s routine. Avoid conflict by taking plenty of breaks in between all of the packing so that you can give him or her attention and calm his / her nerves. It will also be great for your sanity too!

3. Get Your Toddler Involved in the Move

This is the easiest way in which to get things done while still keeping a close eye on the little one. Give them small tasks to do like handing you books as you pack or helping you count how many plates there are. Also be sure to get them excited about seeing the awesome big moving truck before it arrives!

4. Pack a Toddler Box

Put your child’s favourite toys, some familiar clothes, and some of their room decorations into a separate moving box and keep it handy so when you have to spend the first night in your new home, they will be as comfortable as can be.

5. Visit Your New Home and Neighborhood Before the Move

Take a road-trip a few days before the move and show your toddler the new house, drive or walk around and show them places they will look forward to like the park, playground, or ice-cream shop. Then on moving day remind them of the good memories of where they are going.

6. Have Familiar Help on Moving Day

Make sure you have a babysitter on moving day who is familiar to your children and has also been brought up to speed on the move and what the children’s state of mind is. If a family member or close friend can take care of them and walk them through the process while you are busy with the moving, your child will be much calmer and at ease with the change.

Finally, one of the most important moving tips that we can give you is to enlist the services of a quality, reliable moving company. They will be able to streamline the moving process, making your life easier and getting everything done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Make the right choice and opt to get in touch with Isaac’s Moving and Storage. From domestic moving to international moving, we’ve got you covered!

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