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Pro Tips To Make Moving In Winter Easier!

Moving! Probably one of the least favorite things to do! Sometimes it is just not our choice – a new job may require relocation, and we may become one of the thousands of people who have to brave the icy roads, bitter cold, and decreased visibility to move during the chilly winter months. However, it is not all doom-and-gloom. Many moving companies are more readily available and often charge less during their off-season, saving you money. Here are pro moving tips from your local moving company to make moving in winter easier:

  • Start Early

With fewer daylight hours during the winter months, you will want to get the moving process started in the early morning – this will buy you extra daylight hours.

  • Watch The Weather And Traffic Reports

Winter storms can play havoc with your plans; roads can become clogged and traffic can slow to a crawl. Be sure to map out alternate routes in advance.

  • Plan For Delays 

Severe weather in your area may force the moving company to reschedule the move altogether. Try to stay flexible in that event and remember to discuss a back-up moving date with your short-distance moving company in case of emergency.

  • Safety is Paramount 

During a winter move, the most pressing safety threats are snow and ice. Shovel any sidewalks, stairs, or driveways that are covered with snow and ice. Salt slippery pathways and doorsteps. You may even have to shovel out street parking spaces as well if you’re moving to a big city.

  • Keep Your Floors Protected

Moving in the snow and ice can get really messy really quickly. Protect your floors and entryway with either plastic film or flattened cardboard boxes. This will help to keep your home dry and free of the icy slush dragged in by the movers.

  • Weatherproof Packing

Electronics and wet weather don’t mix well. So, waterproof as much of the move as possible by using packing items such as plastic bins, mattress bags, plastic bags, plastic wrap, waterproof moving labels, and bubble wrap. Pack your expensive electronics well and wrap them in moving blankets for extra insulation. Put all small electronics, cords, and cables in sealed plastic bags before packing them in boxes. Take extra care with fragile items that might freeze and break, by packing them in bubble wrap; you may even consider taking them in your personal or rental vehicle if you have one.

  • Winter Gear and Supplies

You might need your snow shovel, ice remover, scrapers, towels, hats, and gloves to clear pathways. So, keep these items out of your packed boxes and in the trunk of your car.

Also remember to load your car with winter supplies, such as:

  • An emergency first-aid kit,
  • Flashlights,
  • Batteries,
  • Hats and gloves,
  • Blankets,
  • Windshield scrapers,
  • Bottled water,
  • Snacks,
  • Cell phone chargers, and
  • Road salt.
  • Kids And Pets 

It’s easier to move without having to worry about whether your kids are getting sick from being out in the cold or your dog slipped out of an open door and got lost. So, it is a good idea to pay for childcare and to either board or keep your pet under the supervision of a dog walker or friend on moving day.

  • Arriving At The Other Side

Moving into a cold, dark apartment is as exciting as getting whacked in the face with a snowball. Remember to double-check with your landlord that you’ll have heat and electricity the second you arrive.

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Moving in winter can be unpredictable – that is why you want trained and experienced movers that know how to navigate a winter move safely for the best possible outcome. Isaac’s Moving and Storage is the go-to short-distance moving company – we have been moving the residents of Boston, Philadelphia, & Houston locally for over 25 years. We guarantee that your move will be handled professionally and efficiently at a fair price. Call us today for more information.

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One thing we can promise you is this: We’ll handle your move as if it were our own! — if you have a move coming up, leave your information below and an Isaac’s Moving & Storage Move Consultant will be in touch with you shortly!