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What packing supplies do you need for your move?

If you are moving house and plan to do all of the packing yourself, you will need an array of special packing supplies. Here is a comprehensive checklist to keep in mind.

1) Boxes

You will need plenty of boxes in different sizes. If you want to ensure that your possessions are properly protected, it is always a wise decision to invest in professional grade boxes as they are much sturdier than boxes you collect from recycling dumpsters behind the local stores.

  • Small boxes (5”x12.5”x12.5”), also known as book boxes, containing 1.5 cubic feet are the ideal solution for packing and transporting heavier items such as books, DVDs, CDs, computer software and small kitchen appliances.
  • Medium boxes (18”x18”x16.5′”), otherwise commonly referred to as linen boxes, containing 3.0 cubic feet are a great choice to use for packing clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, large lightweight items such as blankets and pillows can be packed in medium boxes.
  • Large boxes (24”x18”x18”) containing 4.5 cubic feet are perfect for packing garden tools, toys, outdoor patio cushions and comforters.
  • Specialty boxes: There is a wide variety of specialty boxes available, all of which promise enhanced protection for specific items. You can find specialty boxes for things like mirrors, dishes, wardrobes, lamps and more.

2) Mattress covers

These protect your mattress from getting dirty or wet, so that you can enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep the moment you arrive at your new home

3) Labelling

You can buy stick on labels for labelling your boxes, or you can simply use a permanent marker.

4) Tape

You will need to close the boxes in order to secure them for the journey, and you can do this with packing tape. Masking tape is also a good idea and can be used as a substitute for labelling your boxes if you can’t get hold of professional labels.

5) Box cutter or scissors

A good quality box cutter will make your life so much easier. Box cutters are slightly hardier than scissors, and so they might be able to cut some time off of the packing process… and save you some elbow grease, too!

6) Packing material

You will need bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper will help to keep fragile items safe.

7) Rope

Rope is used to secure blankets around your appliances, or to keep boxes in place.

If you hire a good moving company, they will be able to supply you with all this equipment and if you really want to do it properly, they will pack your house for you, usually in one day.

Remember the Unpack Part

  • If your boxes are labelled well, they will be in the right room when you need to unpack.
  • If your packing is well done, it will be easy to unpack and nothing will be broken.
  • If you hire a professional packing crew – you can sip coffee while they put everything back in it’s place at the new house.

Disposal of Materials:

  • Check with the town if they have special days or places where you should dump all the recyclable packing materials. And make sure you have that box-cutter handy and lots of large garbage bags to get rid of the packing materials.
  • If you have professional unpackers, they will remove all the packing material for you.

Are you searching for professional assistance when it comes to domestic moving and advice on essential packing supplies? From local moving to long distance moving and everything in between, we at Isaac’s Moving and Storage have got you covered. Contact us today for more information on our wide range of services and specialities.

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