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How To Pack Your Bathroom For Moving Day

Even though it is probably the smallest room in your home with much fewer items to pack, packing your bathroom for moving day is going to be much more challenging than you anticipate. Here is international and short-distance moving company, Isaac’s Moving and Storage, advice on how to go about it successfully.



  • Things to Keep in Mind 


While there aren’t that many items to pack in your bathroom, the reality is that most of them will pose a risk of spilling if they are not packed with care. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hand wash, and the like are likely to spill when under pressure in boxes, or when falling over if those boxes aren’t handled with care. That is why it is a good idea to take precautions by dedicating one or two boxes to these spill-hazards and lining them with newspaper and a towel.


Your bathroom is also full of items that you use on a regular basis – so great timing is essential when it comes to packing it up. This is one of the last rooms that you should pack ahead of moving day. Even if you do pack it last, it is wise for every member of the family to fill a toiletry bag with everyday essentials that they can carry around with them and use as needed.



  • Step-by-Step 


  • Sorting:

Gather all of the items in your bathroom before sorting them into categories. This will give you a general idea of what you own, what to pack together and what to keep separate. It will also provide you with the opportunity to throw any unused or old items away.


  • Throwing away:

Be strict about the bathroom items that you keep. Get rid of any appliances that no longer function at their best, any makeup or toiletries that are past their expiry date, empty bottles, dingy towels or bath mats, as well as any cleaning supplies that you don’t use.


  • Packing:

Be very careful to protect any breakable items, like mirrors, by wrapping them in packing material. Bubble wrap or newspaper are great options – and don’t forget to mark the boxes containing these items as ‘fragile’. Try to keep all items neat and don’t overload boxes as this can lead to damage. Use extra towels as padding for additional protection.
Sometimes it’s worthwhile to call on the services of a short-distance moving company to help streamline the packing process. Isaac’s Moving and Storage is both an international and local moving company that has made it its mission to help ensure that your move is stress and hassle-free. Contact us now for more moving tips or to make a booking.

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