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How To Organize Your Storage Unit For Maximum Efficiency

Most people are going to find that at some point in their life, they are going to have to buy a storage unit. This may be for a variety of reasons, from having a temporary place to store furniture and belongings while you’re in the middle of a move to having to find off-site storage while doing renovations, or simply because you just do not have the available space for your belongings. Whatever the reason, maximizing the space in your storage unit will allow you to store more items and thus maximize your efficiency. To this end, here are some pro-tips from Isaac’s Moving and Storage:

  1. Think About The Space
    Take a few minutes to get all the measurements of the unit so you can properly plan how to store your items in it to maximize the space. Having a solid handle on the length, width, and height of your storage will go a long way in planning your 3D stacking and storing of your valuable belongings.

  2. Disassemble Bulky Items
    One of the easiest ways to maximize the space inside a storage unit is to pack everything as flat as possible. Taking apart cabinets, dressers, and beds will allow you to store their component parts flat and it will reduce the dead space created by corners and angles, which ultimately reduces the volume of items you can store in your storage unit.  For the items that cannot be disassembled and stored flat, store less used items underneath them and use their flat surfaces as shelves to hold items which you might need easy access to.

  3. Plan For Accessibility

A storage vault is a fantastic way of moving a large amount of goods. It offers moisture and heat resistance, protecting your valuable items while they get delivered to your location. That being said, if you do not intent on hiring a professional packing service, you need to take care when packing your storage vault. Start with larger, bulkier items towards the back of the unit and work your way forward with easier to remove items. Ensure your items don’t lock into each other. When your storage unit has finished its transit, this method of packing will ensure an easy unpack and will allow you to focus on setting up your new home.

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