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Do You Need Insurance for Your Relocation?

When hiring a moving company and planning your move, it’s easy to disregard something like insurance (especially if you’re not moving very far). While insurance isn’t always a must-have during a relocation, it’s an important matter to consider.

Even if you personally do take the extra care when packing your items or if you decided to rather opt to hire an expert packing services company, and even if you do supervise the entire procedure, it is still possible that some of your belongings could get damaged during the move. You work hard for your belongings, relocating is already a big expense, and damaged items could be one more unwanted hassle that you have to deal with.

While it is rare for items to get damaged during the move, Isaac’s Moving & Storage knows that it can still happen, and so we recommend you check if you have coverage or if you want to expand the coverage for specifically for the move. Before you invest in insurance for your relocation, it’s wise to first contact your home insurance broker: some policies cover moves while others do not. Your insurance broker may also be able to offer you a relocation insurance plan that you can compare to your chosen moving company’s available insurance packages. Some of the insurance coverage that Isaac’s Moving & Storage offers include the following:

  • Released Value Coverage: This is the default insurance option that is provided by law. You will not pay extra for this type of insurance, but it only provides minimal protection. The moving company’s liability is limited to no more than 60 cents per pound per article for loss and/or damage, so it may not be enough to replace damaged items.
  • Full Replacement Value Protection: This is a comprehensive insurance plan that is offered by Isaac’s Moving & Storage. With this option, any items that are lost, damaged or destroyed will be either repaired, replaced with articles of a like kind and quality, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for the replacement of the articles at their current market value.
  • Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration: Items of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound. If you have high value items, we can explain all the advantages and limitations of special insurance like this.
  • International Move Insurance: Comprehensive insurance is highly recommended if you are moving internationally due to the distance and the number of stakeholders that will likely be involved in your move. With this insurance option, you can choose an all risk replacement cost option that covers your belongings from door-to-door or a total loss insurance that is more limited.

Discuss the ins-and-outs of your relocation insurance options with your moving company to make sure you are investing in the right deal for you and your household. Contact Isaac’s Moving & Storage, an affordable moving company, for more information today.

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