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Moving With Plants – Tips for Homeowners with Green Fingers

Moving home is exciting! A brand-new space with a new lifestyle and new adventures beckon you at the other end of a move. The days leading up to the move, however, can be very frantic and stressful, and in this confusion, it is all too easy to forget to make special provisions for your plants.

A good home moving company will be able to ensure that all your items arrive at their final destination unharmed, but being living creatures, plants need a bit more of a specialist touch. The team at Isaac’s Moving and Storage specializes in packing and storage services. They have therefore compiled this list of tips and tricks to ensure your plants get to their destination safely:

  • Houseplants flourish in climate controlled conditions. Keep them inside your car truck or van and they’ll be better off.
  • Ensure the space in which you are packing them is large enough. Take measurements of your plants and make the necessary arrangements to pack them. Remember that the plants need to be kept upright, their leaves need to be protected and their roots need to be kept moist.
  • If you are traveling long distances, especially in the heat of summer, you might have to stop and water your plants on the road. Pack them in such a way that they are easily accessible if this is the case.
  • Transfer your indoor plants from ceramic pots to plastic ones so they won’t break, and transplant your outdoor plants into potting bags filled with soil and peat. Take special care to not damage the roots during the transplanting process.
  • Prune the plants and water them to ensure they remain comfortable and hydrated on the road.
  • Tape rulers or short sticks around the branches and stems of your plants to provide extra support and rigidity so that they won’t break in the event that the plant falls over.
  • Pack your plants last, to ensure they spend the least amount of time in the car and that they have good airflow.
  • Pack your plants on a level surface to assist in keeping them upright.
  • Place the pots in boxes and use newspaper to pack it tightly, preventing it from sliding around. This will further increase the stability during the trip.

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