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Moving Home On Budget – How To Move And Save!

Moving can be an expensive ordeal. Apart from the straightforward costs of hiring a home moving company and buying insurance, there are numerous factors that one has to take into account. Isaac’s Moving & Storage has compiled this list of topics to take into account to make your move as affordable possible:

  1. Do Some Research Into Moving Costs 

    A critical step in budgeting for a move is finding out how much the moving services are going to cost. Even seemingly affordable home moving companies may have hidden costs. Get quotes on relocation, insurance, packing services, and storage services as well as any other services you feel you may require in your move. This should form the baseline of your budget.

  2. To Hire A Home Moving Company Or Do It Yourself?

    It may seem as though moving yourself is the cheaper option off the bat. However, you will likely find that the long-term savings of hiring a home moving company outweigh the money you would save doing it yourself. An experienced home moving company will reduce the chance that items get damaged and broken, meaning less money spent on repairs and replacements. In addition, their knowledge and expertise will save you a lot of time, which can be invaluable.

  3. Packing Supplies

    An often-overlooked expense in moving is the purchase of packing supplies. While cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap may seem cheap, moving a home requires a lot thereof and the costs can quickly add up. Professional packing services will be able to give you an accurate estimate and also help you save on expenses as they buy in bulk and can pass those savings onto you.

  4. Plan For After Move Expenses

    The expenses do not stop as soon as your move is completed. A large part of the cost of moving comes from the expenses needed to get a new house up and running. From stocking the fridge to installing Wi-Fi, turning a house into a home comes with a substantial price tag

  5. Tax Deductibility

    Some expenses on your move might be tax deductible. Keep all your travel and expenditure slips and hand them over to your accountant. You might be able to claim tax back on your move.

    For over 25 years, Isaac’s Moving and Storage has been the premier home moving company in the United States. For an affordable moving company with packing services and storage services, contact us today!

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