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Moving to or from the Houston Area to the Los Angeles area or vice versa? You’re in luck! Our team at Isaac’s Moving & Storage are seasoned veterans of moving to and from these two desirable locations. Whether you’re planning a Los Angeles relocation or a long distance Houston move, we will cover every detail of the moving process.

Moving from Houston to L.A. may be for a new job, to fulfill a lifelong dream, for a change of pace or for many other reasons. And relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX can be challenging too, the cities have distinctly different vibes altogether. We understand these challenges and are here to help you every step of the way.

We can move you to or from:

  • Richmond
  • Sugar land
  • Katy
  • The Woodlands
  • Oak Ridge
  • Manvel
  • Pearland
  • League City
  • Friendswood

or anywhere in the greater Houston area


  • Los Angeles
  • Beverley Hills
  • Huntington Beach
  • San Fernando
  • Venice Beach
  • Irvine
  • Santa Monica
  • Hollywood
  • Pasadena

or anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area

Our comprehensive Texas to Pennsylvania moving services include:

  • Domestic Moving
  • International Moving
  • Office & Industrial Moving
  • Special Services

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One thing we can promise you is this: We’ll handle your move as if it were our own! — if you have a move coming up, leave your information below and an Isaac’s Moving & Storage Move Consultant will be in touch with you shortly!