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Your moving checklist from the relocation pros

Moving can be overwhelming at times. Our relocation pros have set out a quick moving checklist to simplify the process for you:

Sort through your stuff and throw out unused items

Sorting and purging your home’s content should be your first point of departure. Start with the bedrooms and make your way to the kitchen, living room, guest bedrooms and garage. Make a list of any items that will require special packaging or moving insurance.

Research moving companies in your area

Don’t rely on a verbal quote. Contact a few reputable moving companies and give them as much information as possible about your move. Insist on a written quote and find out about any deposits or down payments that might be needed to secure the move. Make sure the moving company you choose has testimonials on their website and is listed with reputable moving associations or the Better Business Bureau. A good idea is to also check out their social media presence to read any feedback that they might have received from past clients.

Create an moving folder

It’s easy to lose track of written quotes, notes about moving items and receipts, but an administration folder that contains all the documentation about your move and the items that you are moving can save you a lot of worry and hassle in the long run. Take your important documents you may need like passports, rental agreements, insurance information with you in your moving folder.

Get moving supplies

Call your move coordinator and arrange to get moving supplies or packing services. Proper packing can make the difference for anything breakable. Most movers will also build custom packing crates for those very sensitive or fragile items. Don’t overpack boxes and don’t make them too heavy

Use perishable consumables

Your freezer, fridge and kitchen might be full of foods or cleaning supplies that can’t be taken with you. Start using up these items ro giving them away so that you don’t waste too much time on moving day.

Label and sort

Sort your items into various containers and label them with the room and contents to simplify the delivery and unpacking process. Make sure to mark your essential items clearly so you can find them first.

Notify relevant people about your move

Schools, doctors, lawyers and a number of other people will have to be notified about your move. Be sure to change your address on all your official documentation and bills.

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