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Moving, Decluttering and Downsizing

The internet is a buzz with the decluttering movement as well as the the concept of downsizing. Downsizing may derive from a person’s psychological desire to simply lighten the load prior to their move or it may be logistically generated due to financial factors. Some people also may simply do not want to pay a large fee for moving unnecessary items to their new home. Finally many people who are attempting to sell their homes in today’s market are finding that downsizing maximizes their chances of selling their home.

In the real estate market today one of the primary factors that aids the seller to get the market value price for their home is presentation. Many sellers come to a realization that in today’s difficult market the buyer is king. It is critical that the seller presents the home in a fashion that will leave the buyer with the impression that the house is ready to be occupied with a minimum investment. One of the best investments a seller can make today is to do some simply home improvements in order to make the home appear in a better condition. Some simple home improvements like painting or replacing old carpeting and even doing some landscaping always makes the house more attractive. But undoubtedly the most effective action that a seller can take in this day is to “downsize” and “stage the home” or to leave the minimum amount of furniture and personal belongings in the home in order to present the home in the most positive light.

Moving and storage companies play a critical role in helping the buyer maximize the effectiveness of the downsize or de-clutter. Make sure that you take out the items that can be considered “massive” or over-sized so that the living space will be maximized. Remove clothing from closets and get rid of the knicknacks; they are infamous for making the appearance seem cluttered. If is is not absolutely necessary for living put it into storage.

One should choose not only a professional moving company but also one that has a professional warehouse which includes climate control and security. It is important that you feel comfortable about the location and condition of your belongings when they are in storage. Tell your moving company representative that you would like to visit their warehouse; it is your right to see where they will be storing your personal belongings. Check to see that there is proper labelling on the crates and ask to see how an inventory is documented for a storage customer…these are all important questions to ask when choosing the moving company that best fits your needs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Moving into storage can add stress to the already stressful process of moving. The more you understand about the entire process the more comfortable you will feel.


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