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How to Pack Fragile Glassware when Moving

For those who are in search of helpful packing tips when it comes to the best way to pack fragile items for a move,  such as glassware and expensive pieces of art, look no further. Unfortunately, when dealing with special items that can be easily damaged throwing them into a packing box and taping it up really isn’t an option. Below, we take a look at a few more acceptable methods of packing these fragile pieces to ensure their safe move from point A to point B.


Get hold of bubble warp or save old newspaper or magazines and use it to stuff and wrap all of your glassware. When placing the glassware into the boxes, ensure that you start with the heavier items first to avoid putting any unnecessary weight on the lighter, smaller items. For additional protection, add extra padding in the form of packing material (even pillows or blankets) at the bottom and the top of each box to cushion any unsuspected bumps and blows. Boxes with dividers are also useful for protecting delicate stemware.  Make sure to mark the box “Fragile” on all sides as well as top and bottom.


If the piece of artwork has been framed in glass, it is a good idea to tape an X across it to prevent the glass from falling out. From there, it is important to wrap the piece in newspaper and bubble wrap before placing it into an appropriately sized picture box. If there is any additional space in the box, fill it with extra newspaper. Don’t forget to label as fragile!


Moving expensive, sentimental heirlooms and collectables can be tricky. The secret here is to rely on the moving and packing services of a specialty moving company like Isaac’s Moving and Storage that will be able to offer customized crafting services in an effort to provide you with a specialized moving solution to suit your needs. These moving companies will be able to determine the best way in which to pack and transport the goods to ensure that any potential damage is completely avoided, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

For more packing tips or to learn more about our specialty home moving services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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