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About To Move? What to Expect On Moving Day

No matter how planned or organized you may be, moving day is always stressful and chaotic. Upheaving your life and surroundings, putting your possessions in a truck only to have to unpack it all again is a lot for anyone to handle. Luckily, as the best local moving company in the region, Isaac’s Moving and Storage is happy to share our moving tips regarding the moving day. Here are a few pointers that any local and long distance moving companies will be happy you followed:

  1. Be ready when the movers arrive
    Isaacs Moving’s movers will show up on time – so be ready! Get up early even if the moving company is only coming later in the day: you will want to give yourself enough time to have everything a good cup of coffee and have double-checked and be ready before the movers show up outside. Packing up your home can go faster than you expect as the movers are fit, strong and efficient.
  2. Be prepared
    Make sure your boxes are labeled so that the movers can keep room contents together and help the packing of items move smoothly. You will need to make split-second decisions to keep things moving along and having labels on boxes will make this much easier. When the house has been emptied, do a final run-through of your home to ensure that:
  • All your taps are off,
  • All your appliances are unplugged, and
  • You haven’t left the stove or oven on.
  1. Keep kids and pets out of the way
    Moving can be dangerous. There is a lot of heavy equipment being relocated and a lot of movement in and out of your home. Keep small children and pets away from the movers and take all the precautions you can to ensure personal safety and property safety.
  2. Predict the weather

Keep yourself and your family members comfortable on moving day predicting the weather. Coffee on a cold day and refreshments on a hot day can keep everyone feeling fresh and energized.

  1. Have a last-minute checklist

This checklist can keep all your ducks in a row. Things to include in the last-minute checklist include counting the boxes and asking grandma to keep an eye on the kids, for example.

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