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Before you move: Essential home decluttering tips

For many people, one of the most overwhelming parts of moving house is facing up to the prospect of decluttering. it’s probably one of the main reasons that you may be putting off your packing, because the thought of sorting through the mess just makes you want to run away.

If you don’t take an organized approach to decluttering before you move, you’ll find yourself faced with an even worse situation when your home moving company shows up on the scheduled moving day – last minute packing, too many boxes and utter chaos in your new home. Some movers may offer packing services, but if your house is in a mess you cannot possibly expect your moving company to sort through and pack up for you.

The way to declutter your life with as little stress as possible, is to have an organized system that allows you to pack as you declutter.

  1. Determine categories for your possessions

No matter how big or small your house, your different possessions that make up the clutter will fall into categories. For example books, kitchen gadgets, camping equipment, photographs, ornaments, toys etc. Take a look around your home and decide more or less what your categories are.

  1. Tackle one category at a time

Not only does this make the task of decluttering feel like less work by breaking it into smaller pieces, you will also be able to focus better by taking care of one area at a time. A few weeks before your move, declutter ‘non-essential’ categories such as camping equipment, photographs and kitchen gadgets that you don’t use every day. As time draws closer to moving day, begin to clear out clothes, toys and dry or canned food.

  1. Use the 4 box rule

When you begin to declutter an area of your home, have 4 boxes in front of you and label them: keep, store, donate/sell, trash. As you decide which things you want to keep, pack the box neatly and then seal and label it clearly. Do the same with items you want to store or donate.

  1. Have I used this in a year?

The trick with decluttering is to be as ruthless and honest as possible. If you haven’t looked at something, worn it, or used it in a year then it’s likely you will not need it in future. This rule applies to most items, especially things that are broken and you were planning on fixing at some point. 99% of the time if it’s broken, then trash it. Some items you may not use often but still want to keep, so consider finding out about storage services. In the case of things with sentimental value, think very carefully about your reasons for hanging onto them.

  1. How important is sentimental value?

Don’t get us wrong – we all have items that we keep because of the memories attached to them. But sentimental items are huge clutter-makers. if you are holding onto anything that has very painful memories attached to it, consider giving it away. If your sentimental items are just gathering dust in a drawer, ask yourself why they are not out in the open if they are so important to you. Consider sorting through all possessions that hold fond memories for you, and keeping them in a special box – so they are all in one place and don’t cause clutter in your new home.

Decluttering your home before you move house is really important to make your entry into the new home more successful. Consider hiring professional packing services and storage space for the items you need to keep, but don’t really have space for. If you need an affordable moving company? For expert, reliable service contact Isaac’s Moving & Storage today for a free quote.

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