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Strategically located northwest of Houston in the metro area, Isaac’s Moving & Storage is ideally positioned to assist with your next move to or from Pasadena. Our convenient location ensures we can efficiently serve the Pasadena area, simplifying your moving experience.
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As professional Pasadena movers, our moving services are tailored to meet all your moving needs, whether you’re relocating into, out of, or within Pasadena. We expertly handle moves for a variety of spaces, from large houses to small apartments and offices, ensuring a reliable and safe transition to moving locations all over the country. We also offer convenient storage solutions and a full suite of services to facilitate your transition. Contact us today for a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

About Pasadena, Texas

Pasadena, a dynamic city in Harris County, Texas, named after its Californian namesake by founder J.H. Burnett, is home to nearly 152,000 residents across a 115.2 square kilometer area. This blend of dense population and classic Texas charm makes it a unique place to live.

The allure of Pasadena is bolstered by its housing market. In 2021, the median property value was $142,900, offering affordability that’s rare in today’s market. The homeownership rate stands at 53.6%, indicating a balanced mix of property owners and renters. This affordability ensures that whether you’re buying or renting, partnering with local Pasadena movers can ease your transition into this vibrant community. 

Industries and Employment

Pasadena’s economy thrives with a diverse range of industries, contributing to its stability. While the average household income is somewhat lower than the national average, this is balanced by a cost of living that’s 8.8% below the national average. This affordability ensures that residents enjoy a comfortable standard of living without feeling financial strain. 

Educational Opportunities

Pasadena, Texas, shines brightly in terms of education, boasting 180 top-rated public schools that cater to students from elementary through tertiary levels. Additionally, the city is home to 130 well-regarded private schools. Complementing its educational strengths, Pasadena offers urban-standard transport systems and infrastructure, enhancing the overall quality of life for its residents. 

Things to do in Pasadena

Pasadena offers a plethora of attractions and activities. Key highlights include the Pasadena Historical Museum and the Armand Bayou Nature Center, both offering unique insights into the region’s rich heritage and natural beauty. The city is renowned for the San Jacinto Strawberry Festival, its most celebrated event. Additionally, the annual rodeo is a major attraction, thriving amidst Pasadena’s lush vegetation and vibrant community spirit. 

Climate and environment

While Pasadena offers many benefits, its climate is a consideration. Characterized by a Mediterranean climate, summers here can be intensely hot, while winters tend to be humid. Additionally, the city faces hurricane season starting in June. Environmental concerns also arise, notably pollution from local factories, which has affected the waterways and led to the nickname “Stinkadena.”

Despite these challenges, Pasadena presents a blend of urban and suburban lifestyles. Its advanced infrastructure, diverse ethnic and religious communities, and numerous leisure spots make it an appealing choice for family living.

Professional Movers for All Your Needs

At Isaac’s Moving & Storage, we go beyond just transporting your belongings. Our comprehensive services include professional packing and unpacking, both short and long-term storage services, and free delivery of packing materials. We expertly handle specialty moves involving pianos, artwork, and fragile items, provide dedicated assistance for seniors, and offer valuable moving advice and resources to ensure a seamless Pasadena moving process.

  • Packing and unpacking services 
  • Short and long term storage options
  • Packing materials and free box delivery
  • Specialty moves – piano’s, artwork, heavy items, delicate items and more
  • Special help for seniors
  • Moving advice and resources

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One thing we can promise you is this: We’ll handle your move as if it were our own! — if you have a move coming up, leave your information below and an Isaac’s Moving & Storage Move Consultant will be in touch with you shortly!