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International Moving: What to Pack and What to Leave Behind

As an international moving company, Isaac’s Moving & Storage has helped many people and families relocate to their new locations. In this blog, we will discuss what you should pack and what you should leave behind when moving overseas.

The general consensus is that those smaller items, especially if costly to replace, are worth shipping overseas. These items include things like crockery, glassware, pictures, and ornaments. These items are all relatively small and once packed into a box, the unit cost for shipping each item in that box is negligible because the cost of shipping is volume and size based. The cost of replacing these items in your new destination could be very expensive, so it is best to ship small items that do not weigh too much.

Furniture and other bulkier home items are a different ballgame. Keeping in mind that charges are based on size, the higher cost of shipping dictates that some thought should be given to your larger items.  Ask yourself, “Do I really like that piece of furniture? Would it be worth selling locally? Could I replace it with something I like more in my new location?”

It is worth doing some online research to determine the replacement costs of items at the location that you are moving to, but also be sure to check the currency exchange rates. You should also consider whether it is worth replacing certain items due to the following possible scenarios:

  • Your existing items not being able to fit into the space of your new home,
  • The décor that you are planning at your new home,
  • Whether the items are superfluous to your needs, and
  • Whether your new circumstances will negate the needs of your current items. If you are moving from a warm location to a place with a cooler climate, it may not be worth moving pool equipment and summer sporting goods, for example.

Another thing to consider is your electrical appliances. You want to take items that will be compatible with the electrical wiring and sockets at your new location. Your new country may use a different voltage and the items you take may need to have their plugs changed.

An aspect that is often overlooked by people who are relocating is whether their new property has built-in wardrobes or not. If so, you can consider leaving your wardrobes behind, as these are bulky and thus expensive and unnecessary items to relocate.

Do not take forever when deciding what to move. You want to avoid agonizing over the items you will move and the items you will leave behind. The packing process can take up a lot of your time and if you are too indecisive, you may end up taking items that you do not really want or need.

Need international relocation advice, packing services, storage services or a moving company to help with the entire process? Then contact Isaac’s Moving & Storage today.

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