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How to Prepare for a Move 2 Weeks Before

You’re moving to a new house and you’ve realized there are many things standing between you and the big day… and with Isaac’s checklist by your side you should be able to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We’ve come up with a list of the five things to do at every stage before the big day – from a month away to the actual move day.  The countdown continues two weeks before hand…

2 Weeks Before the Move

1) Set aside packing space

Use a spare bedroom or study space as your moving room and storage area for packing supplies and filled boxes.

2) Arrange a babysitter

Arrange a babysitter for younger children. You will also want to ask someone to look after your pet or consider a few days in a kennel. Remember to order pet collars with your new address on them.

3) Contact your utilities supplier

Arrange disconnection and reconnection gas, electricity, telephone, internet and cable.

4) Keep school and work informed.

Remind your employer that you will be taking time off and if you are moving to a new company make sure your departure and arrival dates are noted. In addition, if your children are moving to a new school, make sure both schools are aware of the changes. Schools should also transfer your children’s records to their new school.

5) Set aside valuables and essential documents.

Set aside essential documentation that you will be carrying with you – passports, birth certificates, home and medical insurance papers along with your jewelry and other valuable items.


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