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How to Prepare for a Move 1-2 Days Before

You’re moving to a new house and you’ve realized there are many things standing between you and the big day… and with Isaac’s checklist by your side you should be able to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We’ve come up with a list of the five things to do at every stage before the big day – from a month away to the actual move day.  The countdown continues 1-2 days before hand…


1) Finish your laundry

Make sure your laundry is done so you can pack away all your clothes.

2) Disconnect equipment

Disconnect equipment such as appliances, electronics, etc. and remove bulbs from lamps. If you are uncertain how to do disconnect gas or electricity fittings, call a professional.

3) Defrost the freezer

Defrost the freezer, and if you are moving the refrigerator defrost and dry that out for transport.

4) Prepare food

Prepare food for moving day or decide to order takeout, then pack away the remaining kitchen equipment.

5) Finish packing

See our professional packing guide for details on how to make the process as organized and efficient as possible.


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