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How to Pack Electronics for a Move

One of the questions Isaac’s frequently gets from our clients is how to pack electronics for a move. In today’s world you probably do not realize how many valuable electronic items and devices you own. Here are some steps you can take to protect your valuable items

1) Take Inventory when you disconnect

Make a detailed inventory of your electronics and their component cables. Before you disconnect any cables, take a picture or use stickers to label the connections. Take note of video games and other accessories as well. Detach wires and removable paper holders from all hardware and wrap the monitors. Remove ink cartridges and toner from printers

2) Refer to the owners manual.

Who would now better about how to pack your devices than its creator! If you can’t find the hard-copy of your manual, they are available online.

3) Check the temperature.

Electronic devices are sensitive to temperature. If your belongings are going into storage make sure the storage facilities are climate controlled to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

4) Back up Your Files

When packing a personal computer remember to back up any files to an external hard drive that can be safely stored in your possession during the move.

5) Use the best packing materials

Try using the original packaging however, more times than none the original box is tossed out after purchasing. Once you have the appropriate box make sure to use bubble wrap and static free bags for things like cords and extra pieces. Isaac’s Moving & storage sell sturdy moving boxes in various sizes. Find moving boxes for your large flat screen TV, or your laptop. Carefully label the boxes to make unpacking & set-up at your new home easier.

6) Label Correctly

Be sure to label your items “FRAGILE” so everyone involved in the move knows the boxes contents are indeed, fragile.

Sometime packing your items can add lots of stress to a move, Isaac’s Moving & Storage provide packing services to all their customers! Contact one of our 5 locations near you for any questions about packing.

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