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A Guide to Different Types of Moving Boxes

It is moving time again, and that means you need to pack all your worldly goods into boxes and put them on a truck. But how does one do that, efficiently, effectively, and with the knowledge that their items will arrive at their new home intact? The answer is in the box. It may come as a surprise to most but not all moving boxes are the same. As a leading short-distance moving company, Isaac’s Moving and Storage is an encyclopedia of moving tips. As such we have created this guide on what boxes you need when moving.

  1. Corrugated Cartons
    These durable and stiff double walled boxes with corrugation inside are used to protect your fragile items. Individually wrap and pack all your crockery, glasses, and any other breakable item into this type of box to keep them safe in transit.
  2. Medium Boxes
    These boxes are usually in the region of 1.75 cubic feet of volume. They’re relatively easy to handle and are designed for your heavy but not fragile items. Pack books and other media in here. These boxes are the bread and butter of your local moving company and will likely make up the bulk of your boxes.
  3. Large Boxes
    These larger boxes are usually in the region of 3.5 cubic feet of volume. They are used for a variety of items. Pots, pans, canned food, and appliances like your toaster and microwaves can go into these boxes.
  4. Extra Large Boxes
    These huge 4.9 cubic foot boxes are for those bulky items that need to be shipped. Lamps, your linen closet, and garage storage can be put into these super-sized boxes for safe transit.
  5. Wardrobe Boxes
    These enormous boxes are designed to fit the entire contents of your wardrobe. They are conveniently made in such a way that you can transfer the items directly from closet to box without having to refold or crumple anything.
  6. Picture Boxes
    Frames, mirrors, tapestries, and canvasses are all a pretty odd shape for packing: long, wide and thin. Picture boxes consist of a telescoping design which will stretch or contract to accommodate whatever size frame.

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