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How to Cut Moving Costs

Moving to a new home is always a daunting task. You’ve already spent time and effort finding the right new home for you, determined how much it’s going to cost you and organized financing. The very last thing you want is another costly expense, but you know that it needs to be done. What you don’t know is that it doesn’t need to be as bad as you might think. There are several ways in which you can cut down the cost and the stress associated with getting your belongings to your new home. Here are some moving tips from Isaac’s Moving and Storage, a home moving company with over 28 years of industry experience.

1) Be resource smart

You may think that rounding up some friends, hiring a truck and doing the trip yourself seems like a viable way to minimize the cost of your move. However, it is far more likely that hiring professional movers will be considerably cheaper. You may be surprised to know that hiring professional movers is often cheaper than hiring your own truck. In addition, their experience and professional conduct helps to make the move as fast and hassle-free as possible, as well as taking the best possible care of your furniture, fragile goods and other items, minimizing and even completely preventing breakage and loss. Only professionals such as Isaac’s Moving and Storage really know how to pack and move your belongings safely, efficiently and quickly and get the move done right. They also have vital equipment such as large ramps or dollies, critical to ensuring a smooth move.

If you’re moving internationally or over very long distances, professional movers are an absolute necessity, as organizing all of the required logistics on your own is practically impossible.

Professional movers are also likely to give you good advice ahead of time on how to avoid unnecessary costs and how to plan your move successfully. Isaac’s Moving and Storage provide this handy list on how to prepare for your move.

2)  Get your timing right

Like most businesses, moving companies have varying demand based upon the time of year. Planning your move far in advance allows you to schedule your move during off-peak times, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper billing rates, less traffic and faster service.

Planning far in enough in advance also allows you to start packing as early as you like, avoiding the cost and chaos last minute packing. Your moving company will also have all the packing equipment you could possibly need.

Use this time to spring clean your home and get rid of any items you won’t need or use in your new home. This will remove the unnecessary expense of paying to have these items transported, only to give them away on the other side.

Should you choose to employ the use of professional movers, the team at Isaac’s Moving and Storage would be more than happy to help. With a 77% customer return and referral rate, you can be confident that we will get your move done for the least possible cost to you. If you would like more information, further moving tips or a quote, feel free to contact us today.

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