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Common Things People Forget To Do When Moving

As a long distance moving company, Isaac’s Moving and Storage Services has helped many people move. Here is a short list of some of the common things that people forget to do when moving:

  • Labeling boxes

Labeling boxes is one of the top things that people forget when they are packing. It might seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but it can have a major impact on your move. Consider how tough it will be to unpack the items into the right places in your new home if you can’t find what you are looking for. This will lead to you scattering your belongings all over the floor and carrying things to each room – all which can be avoided by labeling a box so that you know which items are inside and which room the box needs to go in.

  • Not Using The Right Packing Materials

People often haphazardly pack their belongings into boxes and bin bags without thinking about whether the packing materials will be able to carry the weight of the items. Boxes need to be strong enough for their contents. So, speak to your moving company or a storage products provider to get the right boxes for your belongings. Also consider how you will transport things such as documents, instruments or any other delicate items.

  • Forward Your Mail

Many people forget to notify all of their contacts about the move and to make sure that their mail is forwarded to their new address. This could result in bills and important communication never reaching you, so make sure to take care of this before you move.

  • Moving Items That Should’ve Been Thrown Away Or Sold

Before you get in to the swing of things with packing, it is a good idea to declutter your home. Instead of moving a bunch of old exercise equipment, clothes, and toys that you and your family no longer need, get rid of any unused items so that you don’t have the unnecessary expense of moving them to your new home.

  • Keeping Items Aside That Shouldn’t Be Packed

You and your family will need certain items during your move. Create an ‘essentials bag’ or an ‘essentials box’ so that you don’t accidentally pack these items into boxes.

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