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Clearing out your fridge, pantry and freezer before you move house

Clearing out your fridge, pantry and freezer before you move house

When you’re finally ready to make your move, your short distance moving company will be ready to help you. But have you cleared your fridge? Follow this guide for the best moving tips on getting your fridge from point A to point B!

  1. Check your schedule. For thorough cleaning and thawing, defrosting is ideally done overnight.  If you have a frost-free fridge, it will only take a couple of hours for your fridge to drain.
  2. Turn off your refrigerator’s power and unplug.
  3. Empty all the food items inside your fridge and check which of these you can still save. Toss what can’t and move on.
  4. Remove all detachable shelves.
  5. Leave towels surrounding your refrigerator and secure the area from puddles. Tell your household to avoid the fridge to prevent anyone from possibly slipping.
  6. In the morning, remove the water from the water collecting tray.
  7. Dip a clean washcloth in a mixture of water and mild soap. Use this to wipe down the entire fridge and detachable trays. Repeat this step with another clean washcloth dipped in cold water.
  8. Wipe down the fridge and trays with a dry cloth. Keep the fridge door open for at least 1 hour to allow thorough drying.
  9. Once everything is completely dry, you can now return the detachable shelves back into the fridge. And since you’re moving… don’t turn the fridge back on!

The fridge isn’t the only place where food is stored! Make sure to do a walkthrough of all the areas of your house where you store food. Did you check the freezer in the basement? What about the hall closet where you occasionally store the kid’s school snacks that don’t fit in the pantry?

Set aside something for breakfast. When moving-day finally rolls around, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well rested and well fed for the big day. Don’t forget to set aside a few granola bars and a few pre-made PB&J sandwiches to keep your energy high throughout the day. Trust us, you’ll need it!

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