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Christmas in September – Allston Christmas 2015

Another Allston Christmas aka September 1st, has come and gone for Boston residence.  As summer comes to a close, Boston schools begin to prep for returning and new students, U-hauls are being rented left and right and couches and mattresses take up the street corners.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t even moving and you don’t live in Allston. Boston neighborhoods like South Boston, Brookline, Brighton, Somerville, and the Back Bay are experiencing the moving hassle on this one day! Imagine moving on a normal day, lots to think about, right? Now add bumper to bumper traffic, crowded elevators, narrow old stair wells, double-parking, and abandoned belongings. Are you stressed yet?

Over the years this day has been nicknamed “Allston Christmas”! Below are some tweets from the holiday season! Share yours with the hashtag #allstonchristmas #isaacsmoving

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