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Your Checklist for Moving Overseas

Moving overseas, to most people, is a daunting task. At Isaac’s Moving & Storage we are dedicated to helping you and your family with a smooth transition into your new home. These are a few things you should add onto your checklist when moving overseas:


  • Three Months Before Your Move

At this point, your flights are booked and your preparations to move have been finalized. If you intend on selling your house, it would be wise to ensure that your house is repaired and that there are no other elements which need fixing. If you are not selling your house, ensure that all of your lease documents are finalized, and that your future tenants are aware of when you are leaving.


Ensure that all of your travel documents and drivers licenses are up to date, and that you have ensured that all of your visas and permits are valid for your duration.


Have you found a reliable international moving company to assist you with your move? It is wise to do your research on all of the available moving companies which may assist you with your move. Isaac’s Moving & Storage is able to assist you with your travels to any part of the globe with the highest of standards.


  • Two Months Before Your Move

At this point, don’t forget to inform your bank that you are relocating to another country, and ensure that your card will work during your travels to avoid any financial issues.


Depending on your new home, finding the right medical professionals might be a little bit difficult. That is why it is important to collate of all of your family’s medical records to be prepared with your move across.


  • One Month Before Your Move

Now that all of your documents have been sorted out, and arrangements have been made, it is time to begin packing! Packing properly to move internationally is especially important as your belongings will spend quite some time in a container and move from truck to truck, onto a boat and off before finally arriving at your new home. Ensure that you have got a reliable storage service to partner up with, where you can keep all of your furniture if you are not selling it.


If you do not enjoy the tedious task of packing or want to make sure it is done properly for the complex move, Isaac’s Moving & Storage offers a complete range of packing and unpacking services for you and your family.


Important Note:


When crossing borders, customs will want to know what is inside every box, so keep a detailed inventory paying attention to any expensive or electronic items where you will need to provide manufacturer and serial number details as well. Be sure you know your destination country’s import restrictions. Many countries will not allow you to import your wine collection for example.


Now the time has finally come for you and your family to begin your next adventure. Be sure to ensure that you have exchanged to the correct currency for your trip and that you have double-checked your house for any left-behind belongings. Still unsure whether or not you have prepared enough? Contact Isaac’s Moving & Storage today for some international relocation advice!

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