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We Know Boxes, Here are 5 Tips to Properly Store Fireworks to Avoid a Fire Hazard

It’s the Fourth of July and you just threw an amazing fireworks extravaganza! You couldn’t have planned a better finale, but what you could’ve planned better was the number of fireworks you actually needed. You went a little overboard and are left with way too many extra fireworks. But no big deal, you can save them for another occasion. How to store them you may ask? Here are 5 tips to properly storing fireworks:

1) Store in a cool, dry place

Where you store your fireworks should not be too hot or too cold. A cool, dry area is the perfect environment to ensure your fireworks are conserved and don’t accidentally ignite. If your fireworks end up becoming damp or moist, throw away immediately.

2) Use a metal or plastic storage container

Avoid using a cardboard box or plastic bags at all cost. Your best option is a metal container to keep things from getting in and out. If you don’t have a metal container, a plastic one is your next best option. Also, try not to overpack to avoid any damage to your fireworks.

3) Secure your storage

Please keep out of reach of curious children. And if you can, secure your fireworks with a lock. Remove any temptations to make sure nothing is accessed when they shouldn’t be.

4) Don’t place near anything flammable

Nothing flammable or anything that radiates heat should be near your stored fireworks. You don’t want them accidentally going off before they need to!

5) Keep a fire extinguisher available

In case all else fails, it’s better to be extra cautious and keep a fire extinguisher readily available near your fireworks.

Now that you know how to store your fireworks, you’re all set for your next fireworks extravaganza — Always remember to use fireworks responsibly!

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