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5 reasons summer is the best season to move

Are you planning a move? Well, before you set the moving date, give some thought to the time of year. A summer move undoubtedly offers many benefits for both you and your local moving company. Here’s just a few reasons why we think that summer is the best time to move.

  1. Your existing house will sell faster

If you still need to sell your house, remember that summer is when the property market is at its strongest, increasing the likelihood of a fast sale. Having your house on the market for months and months without a bite can be very disheartening and delay your moving plans. However, during summer your property looks it’s best. Grass is green, colors are brighter in the sun and most homes (if you have paid attention to maintenance) have great curb appeal. Also, a greater number of buyers are likely to come out to view your property if the weather is good.

  1. It’s easier to take time off work

Many companies are more flexible with employees taking time off during the summer. They expect it because of the summer holidays. If you plan a summer move, you’ll find it far easier to take a few days of leave than taking time off during peak work periods.

  1. The kids are off school

A move can take up a lot of your time and energy, so the summer holidays are ideal to free up your time from the schedule of picking up and dropping off your kids from school. Having your children on holiday also means that they can help you with the move. Alternatively, if they are off at summer camp you are then free to just get the move done without distraction. Its a win-win situation.

  1. The school years starts in the fall

Speaking of children and school, another reason why a summer move is a good plan is because of the start of the school year. This is especially true if your move will take you into a new school district and you will be changing schools. Moving in the summer ensures that your kids do not have their education disrupted and can start the new school year after they have moved into their new home, which will help them to settle in better. It also gives you ample time to research local schools before you move.

  1. Sunshine is far better than snow

Any moving company will tell you that moving house in winter is not a fun experience. Freezing hands, poor visibility when driving, slippery iced up sidewalks and just the general lethargy of the cold weather makes winter an uncomfortable and sometimes downright dangerous time to move. If you can, plan to move during the summer when the weather works with you and not against you.

  1. It’s not the festive season

No one wants to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year by packing and unpacking boxes. Even if you make use of your moving company’s packing services, the festive season won’t be too festive if you throw moving house into the mix. Plan your move for the summer instead, and reduce a whole lot of stress.

Summer Warning: smaller moving companies will meet the demand of summer by taking on temporary movers to keep up with demand, students for example. Temporary staff are not experienced movers and so the quality of the service and care they use when handling your household items may not be suitable. Use a moving company with and established record, good reviews and a training and quality program to ensure your house is moved as you expect it to be.

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