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5 Reasons Spring is the Best Season to Move

It’s finally spring, which means we can get back outdoors and out enjoying the warmer weather. In addition to all the fun outdoor activities, spring also serves as the best time of year to move! If you’re in the market to move, waiting until spring is your best bet. Out of the millions of people who move each year, most don’t have a choice of the time of year due to factors like the real estate market, work schedules and family obligations. However, if you do have the choice, here are 5 reasons why you should choose spring as the season to move.


Weather is perhaps the most obvious choice for moving in the spring. Spring usually provides moderate temperatures, so you’re not sweating like you would in the summer heat and you’re not dealing with winter’s cold temperatures and snow storms. Spring is a time for new beginnings, so what better way to kick off a new chapter than by moving to a new home?

Kids in School

With the kids still in school during the day, moving should be a lot easier to tackle. Although having no distractions is nice, if your kids are older and you want to enlist them for some extra hands packing, try to plan a packing week when they’re out of school for spring break. You can make it up to them later!

Just in Time for Summer

Settling into your new home in spring means it will be ready just in time for summertime entertaining. Have friends over for dinner and enjoy barbeques outside while the kids are in the pool, all while not having to worry about moving or getting your house ready to move.

Garage Sale Season

Speaking of packing, while you go through the belongings that you have accumulated, you might realize that a lot needs to go. If that’s the case, have a garage sale during the optimal time of year for garage sales. Instead of throwing old possessions out, make some extra money by selling them.

Moving Costs Lower than Summer

Take advantage of moving right before moving costs start to skyrocket in the summer and fall months. Moving companies tend to be busiest during these months, which is yet another reason moving during spring is the best season to move.

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