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4 Tips on Using a Storage Unit to Declutter Your Home

Renting a storage unit can be helpful in many ways when your home situation is changing; maybe you’re downsizing, maybe you’re moving or renovating, or maybe you want to declutter. Although the latter option is for those who want to create more space in their homes, it can seem like a daunting task before beginning the process. If you’re getting tired of staring at the boxes and piles of excess belongings in your garage or basement, follow these tips on how to use a storage unit to declutter your home in the most efficient way.

Create a System

By creating a storage sorting system, you’re setting yourself up for maximum efficiency. Our tip is to set up three bins to help determine what you want to keep, throw out, and send to storage. The key to meeting your decluttering goals is to create a new home for those items you decide to keep. If they stay in the same place, you’re defeating the purpose of decluttering! For the throwaway bin, you have a few options – recycle, throw away, have a garage sale, or donate. Now you can be on your merry way with items for your storage unit.

Separate by Season

Separate your belongings by season so that when you return to your Isaac’s storage unit, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Seasonal items include holiday decorations, summer clothing, sporting equipment like kayaks, boats or ATVs, outdoor furniture, and winter clothing like heavy jackets and snowsuits. Take inventory of these items so you remember what’s in there because once they’re gone it’s easy to forget.

Label, Label, Label

Labeling goes hand-in-hand with separating by season. We can’t stress the importance of labelling enough. If you follow all the other tips on this list and fail to label your boxes, your sorting system will go haywire. If you’re taking the time to sort out your items, make sure to label them as you go.

Write Down Your Goals

This tip may seem obvious, but having your goals written down on paper is a great guide to helping you achieve them. Writing down your decluttering goals before you start the process will also help minimize the overwhelming aspect of decluttering and set you up for a realistic plan.

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