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10 Tips for Interstate Moves

Moving is an incredibly stressful time and even more so when it’s across the country. To reduce some of that stress, consider these moving tips to prepare for a long distance move to another state

1) Spring clean

If you’ve been living in your home for a number of years, a thorough spring clean is a good way that you can take proper stock of all your belongings.

2) Get rid of clutter

A long distance move can be expensive, and the more you take with you the more you’ll pay. Throw out everything you’ve been saving but never use.

3) Consider selling large appliances

Work out the costs of moving large appliances versus re-purchasing when you get to your destination, especially items that are older and may need replacing soon anyway.

4) Hire reputable movers

Do your research and hire an experienced moving company with good references. Quality full service movers will get your things there on time and in one piece.

5) Check your homeowners insurance

You might be covered for the move. IF not, check the options that the moving company is offering, it may be appropriate for you to take their valuation coverage

6) Prepare your packing in advance

Plan carefully and you should be all packed and ready to go a few days before the move. Last minute packing can be very stressful and lead to forgetting important things, like saying goodbye to your neighbors and friends. Read more advice about preparing for your move. Packing an overnight bag can be very helpful for having your essentials on the first night at the new home. Good things to have in the overnight bag: change of clothes, toiletries and eating utensils.

7) Get proper packing boxes

Your movers can provide you with durable boxes suited to the items you need to pack. Alternatively, you can get moving kits at the home improvement chains. Don’t use the boxes from the local store’s dumpster -they are designed to hold apples or other groceries, not your dishes, ornaments or books. Packing objects you will use first in a see though box allows you to find and access them easily can make the first night much easier.

8) Make a list and label boxes

Your moving company will take an inventory of all your boxes, but make your own just to be safe. Label boxes by number and write down everything you put in each box and which room it needs to go into at your new home.  Color-coding which room boxes go into can also help with unpacking. Putting a colored label on the door frame helps movers know which boxes go in each room.

9) Pack carefully

Pack your boxes carefully and learn how to use packing materials. Check out our packing instructional videos. When packing breakables keep in mind that packing dishes vertically will make them less of a worry of breaking. Packing dishing and other glassware with blankets, towels and clothing saves money on bubble wrap.

10) Protect furnishings

Make sure the movers wrap the corners of furniture with padding or bubble wrap to prevent them being scuffed and damaged during transportation. If you have sensitive or fragile pieces like glass tables, ornaments or heirlooms – ask them to have a transportation crate made up.

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