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10 essentials for your Moving Day – A Moving Day Checklist

When you’re moving house you need to be very organized… and it is easy to be so diligent with your packing, that you forget the essential items (such as scissors for opening boxes) that you need on moving day. Take note of our moving tips and pack the following in a special “welcome” box to ensure that all you need is at hand:

1. Keys, cash and a phone list

Make sure you have your wallet, your car keys and the list of contacts you may need in a safe and accessible place – last thing you need is to unpack the truck to find your keys!

2. A packing/unpacking kit

Useful for last minute packing as well as unpacking, you’ll need scissors, tape and a permanent marker or two.

3. Tea, coffee, drinks, and snacks

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the coffee pot when you’re desperate for a cup of coffee! Pack a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee and sugar in a separate bag along with sodas and snacks for the day.

4. Basic kitchen utensils

You may not plan on cooking the day that you arrive, but even if you’re ordering take out a knife, fork, spoon and plate for each member of the household will be welcome.

5. Paper towels and toilet paper

This is an essential – don’t get caught without toilet paper for the first night in your new home!

6. Basic toiletries and medicines

Likewise, this is essential. Pack soap, washcloths, razors, deodorant and makeup to last a couple of days until you finish unpacking. Include a couple of towels. Prescription meds, painkillers, and allergy tablets should be packed in your welcome box to avoid rummaging through your other boxes if moving day gives you a headache.

7. Bedding and towels

You’ll likely be exhausted on moving day and will welcome a great night’s sleep. Ensure that your bedding boxes are easy to find and unpack.

8. Children’s toys

If you have young children, the move will be made a whole less stressful if you have their favorite toys on hand come moving day, to keep them occupied and happy while you sort the house out.

9. Pet food and beds

If you have pets, realize that they are probably just as stressed out by the move as you. Make them feel at ease by ensuring that their food, bowls, and beds are easily accessible when moving house.

10. Phone and laptop chargers

One of the things that can sour anybody’s mood very quickly is a dead or dying phone battery. Make sure that everyone in the household stays happily connected by packing chargers for all devices in your welcome box.


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