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Spring Cleaning – Getting a Head Start

 When you move, you will realize that you may have accumulated a lot of unnecessary old and used items, which you have stored and have since forgotten about. Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of things you do not need before calling up a long distance moving company and relocating your junk across the country. Spring cleaning can be daunting but as the premier long distance moving company in the United States with offices in Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Isaac’s Moving and Storage has compiled this list of tips and tricks to make your spring cleaning a breeze:

  1. Organize Your Closet
    Get rid of old clothes you no longer wear! Donate them to charity, sell them at a thrift shop, or take them to a store for store credit. Old clothes take up a lot of storage space in your closet. In addition, they make it more difficult to access and organize your closet. Winter clothes should be packed away when not used. Consider using storage services for items you do not need but do not want to part with.
  1. Stock Up On Cleaning or Packing Supplies
    Spring cleaning is not only about getting rid of old items. There is also a lot of cleaning to be done. Stock up on cleaning supplies like soaps, detergents, wipes, cloths, and brooms. Items that need to be stored can be packed by professional packing services but the areas you used to inhabit need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  1. Set Yourself Targets

Whether you decide to get one area cleaned each week, or make sure you trash one big bag of stuff you don’t need anymore, setting cleanup targets will keep you on track as your move gets closer. Don’t procrastinate – you do not want to spend money moving items you don’t need or storing things you will never use again.

  1. Boxes Are Great for Segmenting Items
    An organized home makes packing and finding items a lot easier and quicker. A moving company will likely offer a packing service, but having all your items pre-organized into small accessible boxes will make unpacking and setting up your new home a lot faster and hassle-free.

For over 25 years, Isaac’s Moving and Storage has been moving people all over the country and around the world. We are one of the most affordable and professional moving companies. With over 100,000 moves under our belt, you need not to consider any other long distance moving company. For more information, contact us today!

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